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16 new performances by the interdisciplinary NITE ensemble and art delivered at your doorstep.

Miss the excitement of theatre? Need a weekly dose of coronaproof art and culture?  Buy a NITE Delivery! Pay once and automatically receive our art for 8 weeks. With 3 new works by Guy Weizman, a bizarre quarantine coping course by our in-house Guru, unique photoprints for your home gallery, new work by Club Guy & Roni’s choreographer Roni Haver, a board game ‘for normal people’, office workouts that are a guaranteed laugh and MORE.




Yes, we’re fed up with corona too

We miss the feeling of the theatre more than we could ever imagine. And although it’s not the same, with the innovative NITE Delivery project we aim for a meaningful, magical theatre experience during corona restrictions.

“Ambitious and corona-resistant theater concept:
theater delivered to your home”
Vincent Kouters in De Volkskrant



What is NITE Delivery?

NITE Delivery is a complete kit of 16 performances by the interdisciplinary NITE ensemble delivered at your doorstep over 8 weeks. But there is more. NITE Delivery is also online! You’ll get an access code to online performances in our digital theatre, the NITE Hotel, and a special artistic Instagram account will turn your mobile into a stage.

The Box or The Bag, that is the question:

Tailor you NITE experience to your needs! You can choose ‘The Bag’ or ‘The Box’, and decide when your journey starts. With “The Bag” you receive 4 exclusive art works and weekly letters from the makers that guide you into the story of their work. You also get access to the new on-demand performances in the NITE HOTEL that premiere every Friday evening (read the program here) and are invited to the introduction talk with Guy Weizman and your personal group leaders from the NITE ensemble.Furthermore The Bag also includes our super-fashionable and one-of-a-kind NITE delivery tote-bag. Want more? With The Box you’ll get our designer designed Box (what’s in a name!) which includes exclusive artworks like a board game for normal people, amazing photographic prints for your boring walls, bottled poetry and more. This amazing Box is the full NITE Delivery experience, with a chance to win a delivery at your home by our very own ensemble!

NITE Delivery packages start at just €10 a week. Start dates are: April 9, April 23 and May 7.



NITE Delivery: The Bag – €79.95
NITE Delivery: The Box – €149.95


About The Bag

Every week, you’ll receive our letters and invites for 16 new on demand performances by the interdisciplinary NITE ensemble. If you don’t feel like experiencing everything on your own, you can interact online with other NITE Delivery recipients and a group leader from the ensemble. You also receive 4 exclusive printed artworks by Guy Weizman, MAISON the FAUX + Louise te Poele, Luke Dean and Jessie L’Herminez. You can enjoy your weekly dose of art and culture for just €10 a week. We deliver The Bag internationally.

About The Box

The NITE Box is everything that’s in The Bag, and a whole lot MORE. Buy this if you adore art and life in general. It’ll be truly worth it as The Box contains exclusive, limited-edition artworks related to the online performances. Please note: for logistical reasons we only deliver The Box in the Netherlands. But you can always try and ask Guy if he wants to fly to New York for you! You never know, he might actually do it!

Work by the following artists will be delivered: Guy Weizman, Roni Haver. Slagwerk Den Haag, Martijn Halie, Maison The Faux, Louise te Poele, Bien De Moor, Ascon de Nijs, Rik van den Bos, Jaap Scheeren, Sanne den Hartogh, Adam Peterson, Luke Deane, Veerle van Overloop, Mohamed Yusuf Boss, Jessie L’Herminez, Judith Herzberg, Ester Naomi Perquin.

With: Bien De Moor, Julia Akkermans, Adam Peterson, Harold Luya, Camilo Chapela, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Mara van Vlijmen, Gihan Koster, Tatiana Matveeva, Felix Feenstra, Jésula Toussaint Visser, Sam Corver, William English, Zaneta Kesik, Terencio Douw, Gihan Koster, Joost Bolt, Olympia Kotopoulos and more.


Who doesn't like presents? By having you open two packages every week, as with an advent calendar, Nite brings a physical experience back into the artistic one.

De Volkskrant

NITE Delivery is a party. Each work so far is completely different in character and color.

Poetic and prosaic video formats that are extremely beautifully embedded with pulsating music composed around them like a tailor-made suit.

Friesch Dagblad

Mamushka door Roni Haver. Foto: Knelis

Credits Louise te Poele & MAISON the FAUX

Foto: Knelis


Fri 21 May 08:00

NITE Delivery

Fri 7 May 20:00

NITE Delivery

Fri 23 Apr 20:00

NITE Delivery

Fri 9 Apr 20:00

NITE Delivery

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Stay in the know on all things NITE and when we’re around!

Stay in the know
By giving my e-mail address, I give permission to be kept informed by e-mail about the performances and activities of NITE + Club Guy & Roni