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Exit Macbeth: The TRY OUTS

Want to be the first to see our new Noord Nederlands Toneel performance EXIT MACBETH? You’re in luck! On Thursday September 8th and Friday September 9th it’s time for the try-outs!

For EXIT MACBETH, directors Jana Vetten and Jan-Christoph Gockel weren’t looking to make yet another adaption, but rather a theatrical response to the Shakespeare classic. And that’s a good thinking, because that way you don’t even have to know who this Macbeth person actually is!⁠

Join us for the EXIT MACBETH try-outs on Thursday 8th or Friday 9th September and be the first to experience what a Macbeth looks like without a Macbeth.

“Jana and Jan are both exciting German directors, creating in the space where text theater, puppetry, and performance intersect. Their innovative and fun work is in line with what Noord Nederlands Toneel is aiming for in the next couple of years: a fresh and interdisciplinary perspective on current topics. Be sure not to miss this explosive and poetic encounter..” – Guy Weizman⁠

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