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Koen Kaya Eye

Dancer (Poetic Disaster Club)

Poetic Disasters Club season 12: Koen Kaya Eye

Raised by his mother from Dutch and his Father from Turkish grounds, KOEN KAYA EYE was surrounded by soul, jazz and funk music from an early age. 🎢

Watching videos from Sammy Davis jr, James Brown, Gregory Hines, and Michael Jackson stimulated the first rhythms in his body. However, it was the film ‘Happy Feet’ that solidified his passion for dance. 🐧 Therefore at the age of seven, he started to take his first breakdance classes at Boys Action in Arnhem. Although in puberty, when plans for the future were laying clear for a career in business, he made the rational change to go with dance at the age of 16. Via the ArtEZ pre-education and Codarts University of Arts, Koen is so excited for this new chapter with Season 12 of Poetic Disasters Club!

Getting in touch with different cultures and perspectives is what gives him most inspiration. When not in the studio, Koen loves to be in nature and preferably in the mountains, since that brings the biggest feeling of freedom to him.

Fun fact: when Koen was young he would skip going to the toilet to have more playing time with friends. So whenever he would get home and had to wait for someone to open the door, the realization kicked in fast and the bushes in front of the house became often the way out.. 🌳

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