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“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change… I’m changing the things I cannot accept” – Angela Y. Davis.

What’s it like to be woman, POC and an activist? The time has come to rise up, to rebel and seize your rightful place!

In Dear Winnie, stories by nine actresses, singers and performers with African roots (from among others South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Suriname and the Caribbean islands) are interwoven with that of Mama Mandela. Stories about a shared history, connected to those of the Netherlands, filled with power, ruthless honesty and the seeds of inspiration and hope.

Nine voices, nine bodies, in a set of self-created musical instruments, truthful stories and infectious energy. Mama Mandela didn’t die, she multiplied!

“The apartheid government managed to demonize Winnie so bad, that even now we know the truth, people still call her the kid killer. (…) We try to tell the real story.” – Tutu Puoana

The production isn’t just about Winnie Mandela, who, despite humiliation, abuse, mistakes, and exile, continued to resist apartheid with determination. Dear Winnie focuses on the people who are currently undergoing their own battle. Where do they find their sources of strength? How do they deal with the shit they have to deal with in this day and age? It’s time to rise up! Be unapologetic!

Language no Problem
This performance is multilinual with Dutch and English surtitles in every venue. So language is not a problem. 


vr 21 feb 20:00

Dear Winnie,

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

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